Lattes For Change

See what skipping your morning latte could do for the world.

Sort by the amount of lattes (the average Pumpkin Spice Latte is $5) it would take to make a change in someone's life.

1 Latte

2 Lattes

3+ Lattes

Evidence Action

Provide 10 children with deworming treatments.

AMF (Against Malaria Foundation)

Buy a bed net that covers 2 people for 2 years from mosquitos.

Evidence Action

Provide safe water to 4 people for 1 year.

Malaria Consortium

Protect 1 child from malaria through seasonal malaria preventive treatment.

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

Deliver treatments to protect 10 children from schistosomiasis, preventing life-threatening conditions.

Iodine Global Network

Provide 500 people with a year of support to protect against iodine deficiency disorders

1 Latte

2 Lattes

3+ Lattes

Helen Keller International

Provide 5 children with Vitamin A supplementation in Africa.


Safely detonate one unexploded landmine.

Project Healthy Children

Provide 38 people with food-based micronutrient fortification for 1 year.

1 Latte

2 Lattes

3+ Lattes

GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Protect over 100 people with a lifetime of adequately iodized salt, improving health and protecting against iodine deficiency disorders such as debilitating brain damage.

Fistula Foundation

Fund one woman's transport to and from the hospital to help prevent a Fistula, a childbirth injury largely eradicated in the developed world.

Seva Foundation

Restore sight to one blind person through a life-saving cataract surgery.

This research has been manually compiled and is subject to change. Please do your own research and learn more about the charities you are helping.

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